This is a project created for the purposes of identity deconstruction, reflection, and responsibility in social justice education for whites who want and/or need to understand structural white supremacy and their own whiteness. Although the writing is original, the ideas are not: they are based on knowledge, arguments, and theories POC have already produced–some of whom were gracious enough to teach me what I know. Subject matter will range anywhere from lived experiences of white privilege, to institutional examples, to critical race theory, to pop culture analysis, to educational resources, to words of wisdom from seriously smart POC thinkers, scholars, and bloggers (maybe a few white anti-racists here and there).

Disclaimer: white folks do not experience racism, the moderator and future contributors are no exception, and that isn’t what this blog is about. No one is here to discuss the experience of racism–only POC can do that. I am limited to creatively engaging the social reality of whiteness and what white privilege means in personal, political, and institutional terms. I will regularly use personal narrative and analysis to do so, seeing as my stories are the only ones I am entitled to tell.

Most Importantly: Nothing said here is heroic. Ultimately, this blog exists for white folks that POC do not want to educate; this is not the better alternative or the voice of truth. POC are the best teachers, and no one is here to replace them. This blog is only a contribution to awareness and racial justice, with a moderator who firmly understands that racism is not my struggle to solve on the behalves of POC. No one is meant to be saved by any thoughts here—especially not POC.

POC: people of color
WOC: women of color
QPOC: queer people of color

Questions, comments, and criticism are always welcome.

Email: whiteseducatingwhites@gmail.com


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  1. joelzenny says:

    Excellent work. Thank you.

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