Tumblr Q & A: We are Not Heroic

Q: white saviors

A: Actually, I think you make a fair point. I see how this blog can be interpreted and criticized as white saviors on an internet mission. So I also think this is a good opportunity to make some clarifications that are probably needed and overdue.

Nothing we do here is heroic. Nothing. This blog exists for the purposes of educating white folks by sharing knowledge POC have shared with us. Ultimately, we exist for white folks that POC do not want to educate; we are not here as the better alternative or the voice of truth, which is very important for us to disclose. We know POC are the best teachers, and we are not here to replace them. While whites can step up and take responsibility to educate fellow white folks if it is needed, we are certainly not the source. This blog is only a small contribution to awareness and racial justice, with authors who firmly understand that racism is not our struggle to solve on the behalves of POC. No one is meant to be saved by any thoughts here—especially not POC. This is just a space to expose and discuss white privilege in our lives, our experiences, and ourselves. When it comes to racism, that’s all we’re really ‘qualified’ to talk about: being white.

Any time whites critically engage white supremacy, it is problematic simply because of the racial privilege we maintain while we criticize that which rewards us. This blog is no exception. That is why opportunities to learn and dialogue are provided, but not answers. If anything, this project is an example of how whiteness can be questioned by white folks, which might hopefully guide white readers to examine and question their own whiteness. Is this a great and noble deed? No. Despite anything we say here, we still benefit from white privilege. Even if we can get white folks to understand their privilege, this is no great achievement or honorable gesture of morality.



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